Transition Your Skin From Winter to Spring with Wildcraft Care.

Easy Tips for Protecting and Revitalizing your Skin

Transition Your Skin From Winter To Spring

Wildcraft Care is a Toronto based company devoted to creating 100% natural skin care products. All of their products are all handmade in small batches with ingredient lists that are simple, pure and easy to understand, giving you peace of mind in knowing exactly what you are putting on your body. We caught up with them recently to chat about the best ways to transition your skin from winter to spring and hear more about their latest launch, The Oil Cleaner, which by the way is to die for. If you are looking for an affordable green beauty brand, look no further.

Transition Your Skin From Winter To Spring

Departing from the usual winter regimen of layering countless serums, balms, and moisturizers to protect against the harsh winds and freezing temperatures can be an interesting process. The liberating feeling of having warmer weather can make some of us want to rejoice and ditch our skincare entirely.


The key is to create a new regimen that encourages renewal and rejuvenation while still incorporating plenty of lightweight hydration.


Spring is the best time to initiate detoxifying practices internally, but skin care plays a part too.

Here are some tips for keeping skin hydrated, youthful and radiant, while combating aging effects like oxidative damage and congestion:

Start oil cleansing

Oil cleansing is a very effective way of thoroughly lifting dirt, makeup and environmental pollution off the surface of the skin. It nourishes and calms leaving skin feeling comfortable and relaxed, as opposed to dehydrated and over-cleansed. It works for all skin types and is a great way to get your skincare routine off on the right foot.

The Wildcraft Oil Cleanser, which just launched this week, has marshmallow root extract which is anti-inflammatory and helps to decrease redness associated with dryness, irritation, and even rosacea. Make sure to use a cloth and warm water to gently remove any oil cleanser. (editors note: we’re in love) 

Transition Your Skin From Winter To Spring

Use a balancing toner

From dry to oily skin, a toner can be beneficial for a number of reasons. After cleansing and gently patting skin dry, misting on a toner will provide a lightweight layer of hydration while priming the skin for any serums or moisturizers applied over-top. The moisture of the toner is essentially a vehicle to transport all of the nutrients in your serum deep into the skin. 


Even if your hydration game was top-notch throughout the winter, enduring the harsh elements is likely to leave some rough patches and congestion behind. Exfoliating 2-3 times a week will help to gently remove flakes on the surface and oxidized oil trapped in the skin. Be sure to use a light hand and not overdo it, as being too vigorous with an exfoliator can lead to irritation and strip moisture. 

Transition Your Skin From Winter To Spring

Apply a hydrating serum

As the weather improves, skin continues to need moisture but usually in lighter-weight consistencies and smaller amounts. Sweating and increased oil production can sometimes trick people into cutting out serums completely, but going cold turkey can send skin back into starvation mode. There are many serums out there that vary greatly in their ability to moisturize and how they feel on the surface. The key is to choose one that is rich enough to keep dehydration at bay but doesn’t feel greasy or uncomfortable. Make sure to take the time to figure out how many drops of a serum is best for your skin’s needs, and always apply it on a damp surface (following a toner). 

These are just a few steps to consider when facing the transition from winter to spring.

Little commitments can go a long way and ensure that when winter hits again, your skin is feeling nourished, decongested, renewed and ready to face the cold.


If you want to give them a try, use the code ‘ecohub’ for 10% off all purchases. 


Transition Your Skin From Winter To Spring

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