April is a great time to be green, it’s Earth Month and Fashion Revolution Week (which takes place from April 23rd to April 29th).

I thought I’d round up some great events that you can take part in leading up to both events.


Sustainable Beauty Talks Hosted by Pure + Simple 

Moderator: Alanna Mitchell, Award-winning Canadian Journalist, Author + Playwright

– Jenise Lee, founder of CertClean
– Lily Tse, founder of Think Dirty App
– Emma Rohmann, founder of Green At Home
– Steve Mathew, representing TerraCycle

We will be discussing:
– Greenwashing, smart consumerism + choosing healthy, safe products.
– How skincare can affect your health.
– The possibilities of recycling + reusing post-consumer beauty packaging.


An Earth Day Celebration with Dr. Jane Goodall Love 

Dr. Jane Goodall first set foot in what is now known as Gombe Stream National Park in 1960when she launched her pioneering research with wild chimpanzees. She was only 26 years old. Her research project was unlike any other and has taught us so much about our closest cousins in the animal kingdom.

In 1977, Jane founded the Jane Goodall Institute, which continues to support the research at Gombe. With 31 offices around the world, Dr. Jane and the Institute are widely recognized for effective community-centered conservation and development programs in Africa and the protection of wild chimpanzees in Africa’s largest chimpanzee sanctuary.

Everywhere she goes, Jane urges audiences to recognize their personal power and responsibility to effect positive change through consumer action, lifestyle change, and activism.



Earth Day Toronto 2018 – Gen-Earth Event

Gen-Earth (Generation Earth) is a free, one-day multimedia Earth Day event with inspiring youth Speakers, Musicians and Artists in the heart of Toronto, to raise awareness for environmental protection, soil regeneration and energy conservation.
Come out and be part of GEN-EARTH’s regenerative solutions to heal our planet!

💙 🌎 Earth Day is an annual global movement with more than 1 billion people in 192 countries taking part. It is the largest, single day of civil action in the world! Faith leaders, including Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama, connect Earth Day with protecting God’s greatest creations: humans, biodiversity, and the planet we all live on.

I will be giving a speech at this event as well.

To learn more, visit:


Earth Day Drop, Swap & Shop 









Celebrate Earth Day with us and consume sustainably by swapping instead of shopping at our bi-annual Drop, Swap & Shop with Evergreen Brick Works! Visit the online event page for more information:

Pick-up one-of-a-kind items, contribute to the sharing economy and connect with your community at this popular biannual event. Sustainably get rid of things you no longer want and swap them for things you actually do, like a cool lamp or children’s clothes. See below for advance drop-off times.


Fashion Revolution: Clothing Swap 

Did you know the average person contributes 80 lbs of textiles to landfill each year? and that 60% of our wardrobe ends up in the trash within the first year of its life? A clothing swap is a good way to mitigate this. Click here for more. 

 PRICING: Clothing Swap only – $10


You can also check out this video on how to throw a swap at home!

If you know of an event not listed here, please leave a comment. xo


Candice Batista

Candice Batista is an award winning Environmental Journalist and one of Canada’s leading eco advocates. Her career spans national and international media outlets, where she has used her background in environmental studies and media & communications to produce and report on various environmental and climate issues for primarily television and digital audiences including Huffington Post, The Globe & Mail, The Weather Network, CityTV, Rogers Television, The Pet Network, iChannel, and CTV, where she is currently the National Eco Expert for the stations number 1 daytime talk show, The Marilyn Denis Show.
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