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How To Create A Year Of Sustainable Style

Our good friend Sarah Peel at Citizenne has created one of the coolest guides we have seen on How To Create A Year Of Sustainable Style, in this video Sarah explains exactly how to do it.

How To Declutter Responsibly!

Want to know how to make sure the things you drop off at your local Value Village get a second life? Watch or tips and also get a behind the scenes look at a recycling facility.

The World's First Ethically Traded Plastic

I recently got to travel to India with The Body Shop (they paid for the trip) to learn more about their new Community Trade initiative in Bengaluru, India. 

How Plastic Waste Is Choking Us

Want to know how plastic is choking us? Watch the interview with Vito Buonsante, the Plastics Program Manager at Environmental Defense Canada. 

How To Clean Your Home With Essential Oils

Have you used essential oils? We love them and in this video we are sharing two of our fav recipes and talking a bit about how to use essential oils to clean your home effectively.

Sign Up For Our FREE 30 Day Healthy Home Detox Challenge

Are you ready to break up with toxic chemicals once and for all? And turn your house into your hub! Sign up to The Eco Hub’s FREE 30 Day Healthy Home Detox Challenge and discover how simple it is to implement an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Toxic Chemicals Are Present In Dental Floss, Here Is The Smart Swap

I’ve talked about plastic and chemicals hiding in some of the products we all use daily many times before here on The Eco Hub. We simply can’t get away from it. And now a new study says there are Toxic Chemicals Found In Dental Floss.

5 Fun Ways To Use Mason Jars In Your Home

Mason Jars are one of the most versatile things you can have in your home. Here we are sharing 5 funs ways you can use them.

How To Green Your Cleaning Routine

Using toxic cleaners to clean your home will contribute to indoor air pollution, Here’s How To Green Your Cleaning Routine and reduce indoor air pollution! 

There's Plastic in Sea Salt, here is the Smart Swap

About a year ago researchers at New York University reported that microplastics are present in the sea salt we eat. Here’s the smart swap. 

There's Plastic In Your Paper Cup, Here's The Smart Swap

Did you know that paper cups contain plastic? It’s the reason why so many disposable coffee cups and not recyclable. Here’s the smart swap!

How To Make Seedling Pots From Toilet Paper Rolls

Plant good seeds, reuse what you have and have a little fun with this video on How To Make Seedling Pots From Toilet Paper Rolls. 

Here's How To Clean Your Kitchen Without Toxins

Plastic is everywhere, we simply can’t avoid it in certain circumstances, but there are places in the home where you can reduce your plastic use. The kitchen is a good place to start, so Here’s How To Clean Your Kitchen Without Toxins.   

Has The Pandemic Killed The Zero Waste Movement

Has The Pandemic Killed The Zero Waste Movement? 


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