Think conscious wardrobe is too lofty or expensive to achieve? Think again. . .What Does A Conscious Wardrobe Actually Cost? This Stylist Wants Us To Go Behind The Tag!

What Does A Conscious Wardrobe Actually Cost? This Stylist Wants Us To Go Behind The Tag

“Ethical fashion is so elitist. Only the rich can afford it.” “Once I say I want to practice slow fashion, I guess I can never admit I’ve still got fast fashion in my closet, right?”

These are just a few of the statements I’ve heard in variations 100s of times as a personal stylist and fashion educator. For many years I’ve been teaching school kids all about sustainable fashion in my role as the Program Director at Fashion Takes Action, and now I’m part of a new startup called Citizenne.

What Does A Conscious Wardrobe Actually Cost? This Stylist Wants Us To Go Behind The Tag

At Citizenne we’re committed to teaching and living the truth that no one needs to sacrifice style to have a wardrobe that aligns with our values for human rights or environmental stewardship. . . or to break the bank to do so. That’s why we’re launching a fun campaign called #ootdmath (As in ‘Outfit Of The Day’ Math) It’s a way for this growing community (of not just stylistas, but everyday people who wear clothes and want it to matter) to dispel those conscious-wardrobe-myths by sharing what’s actually in our closets, how much we truthfully spend, and how we make it work within our budget!

Some of the myths I hope to bust just by having the community share and be transparent:

  1. A conscious wardrobe is too expensive for someone on a budget.
  2. Everything has to be made of organic fabric and by a local artisan to qualify.
  3. I can never buy from a budget-friendly conventional “fast fashion” brand again (or at least I have to hide these items when I’m around my activist friends.)
  4. Can you think of others?

The best thing about following and using a #hashtag like this is that you get to teach and learn at the same time. I’m sure there will be things I’ll learn from others’ posts, and that’s exciting!

What Does A Conscious Wardrobe Actually Cost? This Stylist Wants Us To Go Behind The Tag

Want to join in? On Thursdays (starting on June 14th), post an outfit picture with the tag #ootdmath and @citizennestyle in your main Instagram feed or in your Stories and simply list what you paid for the item (approximately), how long you’ve had the piece, and maybe where it’s from (brand, thrift, hand-made, etc). If there’s a particular conscious fashion myth you’d like to dispel, go ahead and call it out!

Here’s an example: Cost: $237⠀

Designer jacket, consigned, $40; lace top, thrifted, Value Village, $7; cargo pants, new at the Gap $65; crystal necklace by maker @henjewellery, $125, shoes, gift.

Wears/Time: 1.5 years to 3 years. The necklace is definitely a piece I’ve worn well over 30 times, so it’s cost-per-wear is about $4.

We hope you will join us! 


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Sarah Peel

Sarah is fascinated by style as a tool for self-expression with the power to change the world. With degrees in Environmental Studies, Education and 10 years of startup street-cred, Sarah founded Citizenne, where she teaches the skills of style and sustainability as if they went together naturally (because they do). She also pours a lot of passion into Fashion Takes Action as the Program Director, doing whatever needs to get done to run a small but nimble social enterprise. Her main joy is teaching the My Clothes My World program to students and seeing the sparks of future fashion leaders in kids’ eyes.
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