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Woman Divine’s Story:

The Woman Divine skincare collection nurtures your beauty, with skin-healing nourishment of whole plants, aromatic essences, and oils.

We wish to inspire you to take loving care of yourself and to practice beauty care mindfully because what you do to your skin you do to the rest of your body.

Our creations are grounded in holistic principles, folk medicine, and Ayurvedic healing systems. Respecting the subtle interplay of our skin and body and the environment we live in, we create skin care which is relevant to you, your skin, the elements and nature’s rhythms.

Many of our organic ingredients come from artisan Ottawa Valley herb growers whom we cherish and respect. Since we believe in simplicity and respect for the environment, our packaging is lovely but kept to a minimum. Clean, quality skin care just like clean, quality food should be available and accessible to everyone who wishes to live a healthy life.

To offer you top quality artisan skin care at sustainable prices, we don’t wholesale and you can only find our products through our online store or our Woman Divine Ottawa studio.

Brand Showcase


The Eco Hub

The Eco Hub is Canada's premier online lifestyle and news publication devoted to all things sustainability. Founded by Environmental Journalist Candice Batista, it is known for its impeccable reporting and trend-spotting on the green living beat. Since The Eco Hub's establishment in 2016, it has become Canada's number 1 resource for natural wellness, green beauty, ethical fashion, low-waste living, environmental news, and more. This year, The Eco Hub is proud to announce that their online work has earned the distinction of Honoree in the 24th Annual Webby Awards.
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