You Can Join A Global Movement To Save The Arctic Ocean

The beginning of a new decade has been a whirlwind to say the least. With political and environmental issues abound. There’s flooding in Jakarta and just one country away, there are bushfires in Australia due to drought.

This is a guest post by Lindey from Sustainably Savvy.

Many environmental advocates feel heartbroken and helpless about these drastic events. How can one person really make a difference to a world that is experiencing more frequent catastrophic weather changes?


Parvati is a Canadian singer-songwriter who founded the volunteer-run, non-profit Parvati’s mission is to bring awareness to the importance of protecting one of Earth’s most valuable resources: its air conditioning system.

Why should we protect the Arctic Ocean?

The Arctic ocean has been covered in snow and ice for several thousand years. This region has been vital in regulating Earth’s temperatures because the snow coverage reflects the UV rays from the sun and deflects heat. This is called the albedo effect.

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Without coverage from snow and ice, the dark blue waters absorb most of the UV rays, raising the ocean temperature. Which makes our natural air conditioning system a heating system instead.

These warming waters bring increasingly unstable weather patterns to the whole world. Floods and droughts are increasing, hitting hardest in already vulnerable areas. When I joined as a Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS) Ambassador, I was astounded by how many volunteers were coming from developing countries. And truly, it’s because they are the ones feeling these changes first.

Although it is a small shift to unseasonal temperatures where I live in Canada, we can see other countries struggling with the rise of a few degrees.

The Arctic Ocean is being exploited

The Arctic Ocean which was once protected in thick ice coverage has recently been a hot spot for seismic testing, oil drilling, trading routes and military presence. According to National Geographic, the Arctic Ocean is warming faster than anywhere on Earth. And now leaders in developed countries are taking advantage of it.

Here’s the plan: The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS) is working to protect the Arctic ocean from exploitation. By making the ocean a place of sanctuary. The MAPS treaty needs to be signed by 99 United Nations member countries in order to be enacted.

Instead of being exploited as a trading route and for oil, it will become an international conservation area to help rebuild and protect our precious air conditioning system.

How you can help enact the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary

Signing the MAPS petition will show your government that you care about the protection of this valuable area. The more signatures we collect will have a greater impact on our official leaders.

So far, we have seen the smallest nations supporting the world’s largest ocean preserve. Let’s step it up.

Sign the petition and keep up to date with Parvati on their website. 

The Parvati Magazine is dedicated to Global Education for Maps (GEM) through sharing the progress of MAPS and uplifting content to help combat some of the eco-anxiety you may currently be feeling.

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